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Testing Equipment

Fitzsimmons Diesel have the facilities for testing many different components that are associated with your diesel fleet. Our extensive range of testing facilities includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dynometer (including gas testing)
  • Fuel test stand (suitable for all fuel injection pumps)
  • Injectors / atomisers
  • Transmissions

All testing carried out by Fitzsimmons Diesel is fully recorded both in Paper and electronic formats so it is easy to access and distribute if required.

Once your testing has been completed a copy can be sent with the tested piece of equipment or via email if requested.

All test report forms are stored by Fitzsimmons Diesel for a minimum of 7 years in paper format and a minimum of 10 years in electronic format.

We keep electronic formats of our reports for a longer period of time because this information is used to help us make refinements in repair procedures that we have in place, help to foresee any problems before they become a problem and to help in our goals to produce better and cleaner running engines to help push the mining industry into the next century and to help reduce the carbon foot print produced by our customers in this area.

Recent News

FBL10 complete machine out of code

01 - 2023

LHD 10 Ton for sale completed running machine. Call US 02 46 773838 Contact the office ask for Bob Fitzsimmons

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