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Major Components

Fitzsimmons Diesel have and will continue to supply quality Major components for the underground mining sector in both New South Wales and Queensland and is supported by industry knowledge and expertise of over 25 years.

The list of major components that Fitzsimmons Diesel has in stock includes:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Differentials and axles
  • Ex Des Components

Compliance & Retro Fit Work

Retro fitting engine packages.

Due to the changes in law and legislation in regards to Ex Des engine packages in underground mining equipment Fitzsimmons Diesel have been able to facilitated the needs of there customers with upgrading and streamlining there engine packages to suit there requirements and be in accordance with current legislation.

Fitzsimmons Diesel have the facilities, knowledge and technical expertise to upgrade or Retro fit engine packages into many different types of underground mining equipment to bring them up to the current  legislation outlaid by governmental departments.

Fitzsimmons Diesel can offer different engines and complete engine packages to suit the customer’s requirements which may include

  • Power output
  • Emissions
  • Type of engine and/ or transmission
  • And the overall size of the engine package to be fitted.

We value the customers input at all stages of the project no matter how small because in the end it is you the customer that has to be happy with the final product and its overall look and performance.

Once the project is completed we at Fitzsimmons Diesel perform our own stringent pre site inspection checklist, which can also incorporate any of your extra requirements that you may have if any that we do not already perform this is to ensure that the time between delivery to site and when the machine is put into service is minimal.

Compliance work.

At Fitzsimmons Diesel we have the facilities to perform Code D on a range of Ex Des engine packages and there individual components, we have also received our “Recognised Service Facility” certificate and number for our workshop to carry out repairs in this field of work as per the new I&I guidelines.

We can also on your behalf apply for the MIR number for your plant equipment when required so that when you receive your approval documents everything is done and YOU the customer don’t have do worry.

Recent News

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