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Fitzsimmons Diesel keep a varied list of parts in stock to suit Mancars here is a small list of parts we keep in stock.

  • DMC19AB Single Bellows Airbag
  • DMC22AB Double Bellows Airbag
  • DMC573.504.010.0 Quick Exhaust Valve ¼” ports
  • DMC573.504.030.0 Quick Exhaust Valve ½” Ports
  • DMCB3HD3-BR Gear Select Valve 3/2 Detent 2 Position1/2 Bsp Ports
  • DMCB4HD3-BR Gear Select Valve 5/3 Detent 3 Position1/2 Bsp Ports
  • DMCB8558/BFX Air Regulator Suit Start Box
  • DMCMA15777 Type 30 Booster
  • 9K0886 Type 36 Booster
  • DMCNI03021/S Start Box Case Stainless Steel
  • DMCP26715-1 DMC Vernier Throttle Valve Non Spring Return
  • DMCP26773-1 DMC Vernier Park Brake Valve
  • DMCP27488-1 DMC Vernier Throttle Valve
  • DMCTC2 Service Brake Control Valve
  • DMCVMB102B/8A Fuel Shut Off Valve
  • DMCHM120848-90023 Axle Bearing Main Shaft
  • 5VS-412800 Cats Eye Indicator Valve Red to Green
  • 5VS-421800 Cats Eye Indicator Valve Green to Red

Part numbers are used to describe a components usage and do not indicate that the parts are of OEM origin.

For price and availability on these and any other parts you may require please contact us.

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