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PJB Minecruiser

Fitzsimmons Diesel keep a varied list of parts in stock to suit PJB Minecruiser here is a small list of parts we keep in stock.

  • KIASEE Kia Mazda Engine (Service Exchange)
  • B/D00244 Oil Pump
  • B/Ksen Injector Nozzle Kit (Service Exchange)
  • B/Koil-COOLER Engine Oil cooler
  • B/KWP Water Pump
  • B/D00091 Tappet Cover Gasket
  • 072711375 Pulley Taper Ring
  • K80010480C Oil Dip Stick
  • K80013710 Fuel Injector Line No1
  • K80013720 Fuel Injector Line No2
  • K80013730 Fuel Injector Line No3
  • K80013740 Fuel Injector Line No4
  • K80013750 Fuel Injector Line No5
  • K80013760 Fuel Injector Line No6
  • K60010231 Cover seal, cylinder head
  • ATS630110S/EX Starter Motor (Turbine style) Service exchange
  • ATS63-0110M Starter Motor (Turbine style) NEW
  • ASLS1000R Start Valve Service exchange
  • ASLS1000RM Start Valve NEW
  • H 26522 Radiator hose
  • Filter Kit Filter Kit (Also includes All Fraz belts required)

Part numbers are used to describe a components usage and do not indicate that the parts are of OEM origin.

For price and availability on these and any other parts you may require please contact us.


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